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Hi-Macs® solid surfaces are produced by LG Hausys, the materials division of the famed electronics manufacturer. The Hi-Macs materials division has a huge range of attractive solid surface materials, each capable of thermoformation into uniquely shaped designs.

In sheets of 12mm solid surface material, Hi-Macs is backed by a moisture resistant MDF core. This in combination with a typical 38mm downturn gives the impression of a more full-bodied surface.

Hi-Macs Styles

Colours within band 4 of the Avonite collection are veined. Joints will be more apparent in these styles.

Hi-Macs worktops are a supported solid surface, consisting of a 12mm mineral material backed by 26mm moisture resistant MDF. Thousands of customers choose Solid Surface worktops every year for it's clean, uniform appearance, seamless joins, and the ability to thermoform the material.

Features of Hi-Macs

  • 38mm worktop thickness
  • Easy to maintain & repair
  • Warm and inviting to the touch
  • Capable of seamless and inconspicuous joins
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Can be thermoformed with limitless design potential
  • High chemical resistances
  • Seamless moulded sinks from the Urban [colour matched] range

Veined Colours

Some colours and styles will contain veining, which is where a style contains swirls, lines, or patterns within the material. The manufacturing processes involved in creating these styles ensure that each piece is random to avoid obvious repetition in your worksurface. As such, please be advised that when purchasing a variant with veining, the final pieces installed may vary from the images displayed on this website.

Dark Colours and Wear

Dark heavily pigmented colours will show scratches, wear and tear more readily than light or textured colours and should not be used in high traffic areas (these colours require a disclaimer form to be completed)

Edge Details / Inlays

We can manufacture most edge details in-house. Please enquire for more details.

  •  Square, Single Pencil, Single Round, Double Pencil, Double Round, Single Bevel, Double Bevel
  • Bullnose, Sharks Nose, Waterfall,
  • Lighting Channel - complete with flexible lighting strips
  • Inlays - add detailing to the front or top face, such as lines or a chequered effect.

Upstands / Cladding

We can produce upstands and cladding to specification, moulded to the worksurface itself, or separated to be joined on site. Common options include:

  • Square 100mm
  • Coved 10mm, 50mm & 100mm
  • Coved 1000mm Splashback

All options are chargeable per linear metre. We also offer Deeper downturns and End Panels as extension options to create clean, ergonomic designs.

Drainer Grooves & Extras

The 12mm mineral material of Avonite has sufficient depth for multiple draining solutions.

  • Type A - Six Drainer Grooves in a straight line formation. 1mm<5mm Gradient.
  • Type B - Six Drainer Grooves in an angled formation. 1mm<5mm Gradient.
  • Type C - Six Drainer Grooves in a splayed formation. 1mm<5mm Gradient
  • Type D - Three Drainer Grooves in a closed circular loop formation. 3mm Depth
  • Type E - Three Drainer Grooves in a closed angled loop formation. 3mm Depth
  • Type F - Full Recessed Drainer. 3mm Depth.

Avonite Bowls

100x300x500mm Avonite Cast Vanity Bowl with Overflow EUSNK3 Snowfall EUSNK3
100x350x500mm Avonite Cast Vanity Bowl with Overflow EUSNK5 Snowfall EUSNK5
100x270x400mm Avonite Cast Vanity Bowl with Overflow EUSNK6 Snowfall EUSNK6
100x300x500mm Avonite Cast Vanity Bowl with Overflow EUSNK8 Snowfall EUSNK8
100x350x500mm Avonite Cast Vanity Bowl with Overflow EUSNK13 Snowfall EUSNK13
120x300x450mm Avonite Cast Vanity Bowl with Overflow EUSNK30 Snowfall EUSNK30
140x160x325mm Avonite Cast Sink with Overflow EUSNK52 Snowfall EUSNK52
140x190x400mm Avonite Cast Sink with Overflow EUSNK54 Snowfall EUSNK54
175x400x400mm Avonite Cast Sink with Overflow EUSNK57 Snowfall EUSNK57
175x400x450mm Avonite Cast Sink with Overflow EUSNK58 Snowfall EUSNK58
175x400x500mm Avonite Cast Sink with Overflow EUSNK59 Snowfall EUSNK59
175x300x300mm Avonite Cast Sink with Overflow EUSNK62 Snowfall EUSNK62
178x300x500mm Avonite Cast Sink with Overflow EUSNK63 Snowfall EUSNK63

Urban Bowls

U851 Single Bowl 304mm x 400mm x 175mm
U853 Half Bowl 155mm x 339mm  x 150mm
U871 Large Single Bowl 487mm x 400mm x 210mm
U752 One & Half Bowl 304mm x 400mm x 175mm + 155mm x 339mm x 150mm

When we at Sheridan supply a worktop, we include with every order our Care & Maintenance kit which includes everything you need to keep your worktop in first class condition. Follow the instructions within for a trouble free, great looking worktop.

Our detailed care & maintenance brochure can be downloaded online by clicking here.

For additional care kit supplies, please contact our sales team.

Technical Documentation Up to date technical documents can be found at the manufacturer's website: http://hi-macs-surfaces.co.uk/technical/

More Worktop Styles

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