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Dekton Ultracompact Surfaces

Dekton is a premium product, a highly resistant and durable surface developed by Consetino, the makers of Silestone. Hygienic, incredibly durable, long-lasting and with consistent colour, the Dekton range of worktops is extremely high quality and highly qualified to deal with the rigours of professional applications, while delivering an aesthetically pleasing satin finish.

Dekton Styles

XGloss worktops have a highly refined polish, and are only available in 20mm.

About Dekton Worktops

Dekton is a new surface from the Cosentino group which boasts impressive mechanical properties. Using the latest manufacturing techniques, Dekton uses TSP (Technology of Sintered Particles) to fuse together Quartz, Glass & Porcelain into a material which has the best properties of all three.

Features of Dekton

  • High resistance to impact and scratching.
  • UV stable & resistant to thermal shock - suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • High chemical & stain resistance
  • Available in two thicknesses - 20mm & 30mm
  • Huge range of stunning designs

Dekton internally is a smooth and homogenous stone material, upon which the designs shown on the swatches opposite feature on the top face only. The designs of Dekton are of high quality, and are highly detailed at all natural viewing distances.

The edges of Dekton typically come finished with a straight or bevelled finish, and come colour matched in a solid, mottled, or 'chip-effect' finish. The edges of Dekton have a more Matte finish than the top surface.

Dekton Finishes

Most Dekton colours come in one of three different textures. Smooth Matte, Textured Matte, and Polished. These three styles are similar in that they reflect light in a non-uniform manner, yet each have a slightly different feel.

Dekton XGloss

The Dekton XGloss collection has a highly refined surface, which reflects objects with no loss of detail. This stunning surface while beautiful, requires more careful maintenance as using cookware directly on the surface can damage the sheen.

While Dekton has some of the most striking and beautiful designs of any worktop material, the designs are not full-bodied. This means that cut-outs, edging & drainer grooves will have a visible difference in colour and design than the rest of the worktop.

Dekton - Sink & Edging

Pictured - a Dekton worktop in Kira finish from the Natural Collection. For the purposes of illustration, this worktop has a six-channel drainer groove installed, and an Axix sink.

These edges are colour matched for each style, and can have either a mottled, chipped, or block-colour texture. Edges, cutouts and drainer grooves will be more apparent on styles which have veining or strong tonal variations.

We supply and install Axix sinks for Dekton worktops. These sinks use the same worktop material to create a square, colour matched bowl with a stainless steel bottom. By using the exact same material in the sink installation, designs can benefit from both continuity in appearance and the durability of Dekton.

Axix Sink ceramica top

Axix sink installed as part of an Apollo Ceramicá worktop.

axix ceramica bottom

Underside of an Axix Ceramicá sink installation



Dekton is an engineered stone material, which means it is inflexible and cannot be used to create curved edges.

Splashbacks, Upstands & Return ends can be manufactured in either 20mm or 30mm thicknesses in straight runs.

Because it has practically zero porosity, Dekton is highly resistant to staining in day to day use. Most spills can be cleaned using a sponge or microfibre cloth, with warm water and a neutral soap.

For stubborn stains, Cosentino recommends the responsible use of more specialised cleaning products.

Acids & descaling agents can be used to tackle Rust, Limescale, Residual cement, Coffee & Gesso stains.

Traditional alkaline cleaning products can be used against grease & oil, wine, ice cream and coffee stains.

Solvents such as alcohol & turpentine can be used to remove Ink, rubber, nail varnish, candle wax, epoxy adhesives, tar & nicotine stains.

Oxidants such has hydrogen peroxide and diluted bleach can be used to lift stains such as nicotine, fruit juices & cola.

Prevention of Knocks

Although Dekton is an extremely resistant surface, knocks should be avoided in areas which are more exposed, such as corners, edges & bevels.

Heat Resistance

Dekton is designed to withstand utensil temperatures from domestic use, this means that saucepans, casserole dishes and coffee makers can be placed directly on the work surface after use.


  • Avoid direct contact with metal parts of electric broiler, cooking worktops, or ovens.
  • Avoid installing in areas of extreme temperatures, such as barbecues or chimneys.
  • Avoid direct contact with flame
  • For Dekton Xgloss, avoid long contact with industrial objects in very high temperatures.
  • Do not polish the surface
  • Avoid the use of metal sponges or abrasive particles
  • Avoid direct cutting on the surface with a ceramic knife, as the material has a similar hardness to the top. For Dekton XGloss, avoid cutting on the surface in general.
  • Avoid dragging or hitting cooking  utensils against worktops of dark colours from the XGloss collection, especially Spectra.
Full technical information of the Dekton range of compact surfaces can be found through the manufacturers website

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