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Apollo Recycled Glass by Sheridan

In designing Apollo Recycled Glass, we aimed to develop an eco-friendly product which embodied distinction; a luxury worktop with it's own unique character. After years of research and development, we formulated our own unique methodology to combine the strength of Quartz with the allure of crystal. The result is a worktop of stunning beauty, offering a literal depth of texture which is inimitable by any other style of worktop.

Apollo Recycled Glass Styles

About Apollo Recycled Glass Worktops

Apollo Recycled Glass is composed of 70% Recycled Glass, giving a unique depth of texture as light refracts throughout the glass surface crystals. Crushed and powdered glass fragments beneath each crystal offer a glistening dimension unseen in any other kind of surface. This is truly a luxury worktop that must be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated.

Features of Apollo Recycled Glass are:-

  • Distinct Quartz aesthetic, with a transparency of shards completely unique to the Apollo Recycled Glass range
  • 30mm thick Worktops, with 20mm Upstands and Splashbacks
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain, does not require sealants or waxes.
  • Uniform in appearance
  • Stain & Heat Resistant (but not heat proof)
  • Hygienic, non-porous surface

Production Considerations

Apollo Recycled Glass is produced through a range of complex procedures, which include subjecting the worktops to high levels of vibrations to remove any trapped air. This is imperative to ensuring the strength of Recycled Glass meets up to our high quality standards - achieving around 4-5 times the flexural strength of Granite. As a result of these procedures, it is common to find very small air-holes (pores) in the surface of all colours, these are not considered to be defects in the product.

Because Apollo Recycled Glass is composed of 70% recycled glass chips and powdered glass, which are random by nature, every worktop will be completely unique. Variations in tone, size, shape and pattern may occur in the worktops between different samples. As the chips found in Apollo Recycled Glass are up to 5 times the size of those in Quartz, tolerances for scratches are equally scaled. As such, any scratch not exceeding 25mm is considered within normal production parameters.

Apollo Recycled Glass Top Surface Finish

Apollo Recycled glass contains surface chips which are large compared to those found in Quartz material. These chips have a different texture and gloss level to the background, and can be seen and felt by hand.

The larger chips in Apollo Recycled Glass may have uneven surfaces, visible cracks or slightly broken edges, This is a characteristic of the material and is not considered a fault.

Apollo Recycled Glass Edge Detail Finish

The large glass chips on the edges are harder than the base material and the polishing process abrades the base material slightly more than the glass chips which can be slightly raised against the base material, these edges will be straight and smooth but slightly uneven without any broken or sharp parts, this is not a product fault.

Sheridan Apollo Quartz worktops come with a double bevel finish as standard, though this is only one of a range of finishes that can be completed by our team of specialised technicians, some of which can be completely transformative to the final appearance of your worktop.

While Double Bevel Edge is included in the linear metre price of a worktop, please note that all other edges will carry an additional charge.

Because Apollo Recycled Glass has chips which can be as much as five times the size of those found in Quartz, these can be more likely to detach while applying edge details. Because of this, bevelled edges can often vary in size between 3mm and 8mm. Whenever an edge detail is reapplied to compensate for chip loss, the new bevel will be reapplied throughout the installation.

Bullnose & Sharks Nose edge details will require a scribed joint between two worktop sections, this is to ensure a continuation of the edge detail throughout the corner section.

Apollo Recycled Glass joints are finished with a small arris to the top edge to remove sharp edges. Silicone sealant is applied between the two pieces to prevent the ingress of water, it is not used to fill the joint.

Internal profile edges on double and single radius edge details other than bevelled edges must have a radius of at least 60mm. Bevel edges don't have this constraint as they are hand finished.

The normal joint for these materials will be a standard Butt Joint ending with a 5mm overhang. On request, we can also provide a Flush Butt Joint.

Upstands refer to an engineered 'back wall' of a worktop, cut from the same style of worktop, and the same batch where possible. For Apollo Recycled Glass, these are of 20mm thick material, and can be produced at either 100mm or 50mm high segments. Because Apollo Recycled Glass is a straight and rigid material, variations in the wall behind will cause gaps to be visible. As such, please ensure plastering or tiling is completed after the worksurface installation so that such gaps can be minimised.

From our manufacturing facilities, we are able to produce worktop cutouts to high standards with minimal lead times. Our team of specialist machining and hand-tooling technicians work around the clock to produce hundreds of tailored quartz worktops every month.

When deciding  on the layout of your cutouts, please bear the following in mind:-

  • A minimum of 120mm is required between two hob cutouts
  • A minimum of 50mm from the cutout to the front edge is required
  • A minimum of 70mm is required between sink cutouts.
  • Joints must be a minimum of 50mm from a sink or hob cutout.
  • Splashbacks & Upstands over 100mm must have a minimum gap from the face to the rear of the hob of 50mm for Electric and 100mm for Gas hobs.
  • Additional support will be required for Ceramic sinks, or undermounted sinks with a waste disposal system. This must be addressed by the kitchen fitter or plumber.

Butt Corner Joint

Butt Corner Joint

Typically, worktops will be joined together with a Butt-Corner Joint for simplicity, material economy, and cost savings. The high precision of our cutting process ensures this join is as seamless as possible.

Scribed Corner Joint

Scribed Corner Joint

For more advanced edge details, such as Bullnose & Sharks Nose, a Scribed Corner Joint will be necessary. This ensures that the edge detail can be continued around the corner, as the inside corner produced allows both worktop segments to meet along the same 45 degree vertex.

Drainers are ideal for undermount sinks, allowing your chosen worktop style to transition fluidly into a dedicated functional surface.

Recessed Drainers provide an ingressed worktop section, which is lower than the standard surface. This localises drips and spills into an isolated area, directing any overspill neatly into the basin.

5 Groove Drainers by contrast have five channels, which direct liquid flow towards the basin. These have the distinct advantage of being compatible with heat protection rods / pan rests, which allows hot crockery to be removed from the hob without damaging the worktop.

  • Never place hot pans or cooking equipment directly onto the worksurface (or into an empty sink). Always use a heat protection pad or a trivet with rubber feet for hot cook wear or leave the pans etc to cool on the hob first.
  • Always use a chopping board. Apart from the effect that cutting on the Apollo Recycled Glass has on blunting your knives, whilst the surface is scratch resistant, it is not scratch proof.
  • Care should always be taken to protect your worksurface from sharp or heavy items.
  • Whilst Apollo Recycled Glass is a very durable specialist surface, it is man-made and has the potential to chip.
  • Care should be taken with exposed edges, as these may be prone to chipping on impact

If your worktop does happen to chip, please contact Sheridan as it is possible to repair small chips on the edges or on the surface.

When we at Sheridan supply a worktop, we include with every order our Care & Maintenance kit which includes everything you need to keep your worktop in first class condition. Follow the instructions within for a trouble free, great looking worktop.

Our detailed care & maintenance brochure can be downloaded online by clicking here.

For additional care kit supplies, please contact our sales team.

Apollo® Recycled Glass worksurfaces are made from 70% Recycled Glass Chips & Fine Crushed Glass, 20% Powdered Quartz and the remaining 10% polymer resin.

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