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Apollo Compact represents the next generation in modern worktop solutions. A slimline alternative to older, and more cumbersome worktops, the new Apollo Compact range is highly durable, high performing, and has excellent tensile strength and resistant properties. With surfaces at just 12.5mm thick, Apollo Compact has been designed to be hard-wearing, easy to install, and capable of producing ultramodern designs with both horizontal and vertical applications.

Apollo Compact Styles

About Apollo Compact Worktops

Apollo® Compact is a solid grade, load bearing laminate, it has inner core of celluloid fibres impregnated with thermosetting resins, resistant to atmospheric & chemical agents as well as moisture, humidity, foodstuffs and most domestic cleaning chemicals . It provides superior mechanical properties to impact and wear resistance. It can be used for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Apollo® Compact is manufactured in 12.5mm thickness, which is adequate enough to eliminate the use of a substrate, and is useful where flat and free standing panels are required for decorative purposes. Apollo® SGL can also used for furniture, partitions, cubicles, panelling, transportation vehicles and areas with higher cleaning and hygiene requirements.

  • Modular blanks product only
  • Worktops are available in a choice of colours
  • Solid 12.5mm, non-porous surface
  • Difficult to stain worktops
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • 10 Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
  • Install worktops yourself

Apollo SGL worktops are extremely durable, adding an aesthetically pleasing look to any kitchen to the durability. Available in sizes suitable for Breakfast Bars, Splashbacks, Upstands and Standard worktop lengths, Apollo SGL features a look that will add enhance to the look of any home.

Please see below our selection of modules available.


3050 x 600 x 12.5mm SGL Modular Blank

3050 x 650 x 12.5mm SGL Modular Blank

Breakfast bar

3050 x 900 x 12.5mm Breakfast Bar

3050 x 900 x 12.5mm Breakfast Bar

Splashbacks and Upstands

3050 x 95 x 12.5mm Upstand

3050 x 95 x 12.5mm Upstand

3050 x 900 x 12..5mm Splashback

3050 x 900 x 12..5mm SGL Splashback

3050 x 900 x 12..5mm Splashback

3050 x 900 x 9mm MDF Core Splashback (Blanco Marble, White Peak & Stone Gris Only)

Apollo® solid surface sinks are only available in white. Please specify your choice of  left or right hand stainless steel sinks, other sinks are available, please contact our sales department for further details.


Apollo Compact is a solid grade laminate. Unlike traditional laminate surfaces, this means that the entire thickness of the material is machinable and can be sanded and polished into a finished edge.

Composition of the Apollo Compact Solid Grade Laminate

For Golden Campino (Pictured) and Piazza, any edge details, cutouts or drainer grooves will expose the black core. This core is the solid grade or compact laminate material which gives Apollo Compact its' name.

White Peak, Blanco Marble and Stone Gris have the benefit of a colour matched core, which means while the veined designs will not continue throughout cutouts as they would in a full-bodied material (such as Ceramica or Apollo Slab Tech); they will be much less noticable.

The key feature of this material is its versatility. The Apollo Compact Modular system can help to prevent issues arising from inaccurate measurements by being fully machinable on-site. It is dimensionally stable, and self supporting despite it's slimline profile. The full-bodied core also means that the pieces supplied can be reshaped easily without the need for edging strips.

Water Resistant**

Highly Resistant to water, steam, stains and chemical products.

Heat Resistant**

Resistant to high temperatures up to 220°C (for 10min).

Wear Resistant**

Resistant to abrasion to BS EN 438.2 at least 350 revolutions in the Taber Abraser test.

Impact Resistant**

Resistant to impact up to 500g from 2m maximum drop (excluding sharp objects).

*The additional performance provided does not replace standard care & maintenance and precautions
should still be utilised in the form of heat protectors and chopping boards to avoid damaging the surface.

** Tested to EN438-2 standards.


Sheridan offer a 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Apollo® SGL

Apollo Compact Laminate worksurfaces not only look very attractive and exude quality, they are also very hardwearing and can be cleaned using everyday kitchen surface cleaning products. Please note, this does not include specific Bleach and/or Limescale remover sprays. Please see notes under "Other Spillages" for more information.

Always check the use instructions on cleaning products and any exclusions listed on the label and use accordingly. If in any doubt, try out on an unseen area or an offcut before using on your worksurfaces. Always wear rubber gloves when using chemicals to prevent any cracking, drying or other reaction to your skin.


Every day cleaning

  • Remember, it is always easier to wipe up a spill than to have to deal with a dried-on stain.Apollo® Compact Laminate worksurfaces are impervious to liquids however it is always best to clean up spills as they occur.
  • Wipe the worksurface, with a damp cloth and kitchen surface cleaner if required, including cleaners for Grease to remove any oils and fat deposits Note: washing up liquid can also be used for greasy food deposits. Buff dry with a soft dry cloth.
  • If any stains need further attention, allow the cleaner or washing up liquid 30 seconds contact time, before wiping and rinsing. If required use a Cream Cleaner with a damp cloth then rinse and wipe as above.
  • Hard water will always leave water marks on non porous surfaces, these can easily avoided by wiping up and drying any splashes immediately. Dried on water marks and light limescale build up can be removed using a solution of 50% white vinegar and clean water left in contact with the marks for no more than a minute before rinsing with clean water and buffing dry. Regular maintenance can use a solution of 10 % white vinegar and 90 % water to dampen a clean cloth to wipe over and then rinsing and drying as before.

Other Spillages

  • All strong chemicals (i.e. Bleach and Caustic liquids) should not be left in contact with these worksurfaces because they will stain the material, they should be wiped off immediately and the surface rinsed with clean water before buffing dry.
  • Accidental spills of strong chemicals that will damage the worksurfaces, (e.g. paint stripper, brush cleaners, metal cleaners, oven cleaners, cleaners containing methylene chloride, acid drain cleaners, acetone based nail varnish removers etc.), should be washed away immediately using plenty of soapy water to avoid damaging the worksurface.
  • For nail varnish spills, non-acetone based remover can be used and then flushed with water.

Heat Damage Prevention

Never place hot pans, dishes or utensils directly on the worksurface or into an empty sink. Hot items will mark or damage the surface. Always use a heat protection pad or trivet (with rubber feet) for hot cookware, or leave cookware to cool on the hob first.

Hob Safety

  • The Installation & Maintenance Kit contains a heat reflective tape, which the installer should apply around the hob cut-out in the worksurface, before fitting the hob. This will prevent any damage to the worksurface. However, extra care should be taken when using the hob. Please follow both the appliance manufacturer’s instructions and the advice below:
  • An overhanging pan can scorch the surrounding worksurface.
  • Always use the correct size of pan for the burner and ensure that it is placed centrally.
  • Do not use two burners as one (e.g. for a large griddle).
  • Take extra care when using a large frying pan or wok.


Do NOT cut or chop directly on the worksurface. Always use a chopping board. As with most worksurfaces, Apollo Compact Laminate will show light abrasion marks with normal daily use.

Apollo Compact is not a full bodied material, the beautiful designs as shown in the gallery on this page are embedded within the top layers of the worktop. These graphic layers are topped with a textured high resistance overlay, which has a smooth but grippy feel.

The edges of a properly finished Apollo Compact worktop are smooth and matte. Our modular blanks come with all outside edges already produced to a factory finish.

Apollo Compact EdgingApollo Compact surfaces come with one of three potential inner cores.

Stone Gris has a colour matched-grey.

Blanco Marble and White Peak have a colour matched White inner core.

Golden Campino and Piazza, which do not have consistent base colours each have a solid matte black core.


More Worktop Styles

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