Edge Details

Double Bevel
Single Pencil
Full Bullnose
Double Pencil
Single Ovolo
Birds Beak
Venetian 30/30mm

The edge detail can completely change the appearance of a worktop, although the more complicated the detail, the more the cost will be as a result of the additional work that has to be done, as this is very skilled and labour intensive.

A Double Bevel Edge is included in the linear metre price of a worktop, but all other edges carry an additional charge.

Birds Beak and Milano edges are only available in 20/20mm, whilst Venetian is only available in 30/30mm


The very latest in manufacturing technology enables us to offer a 20mm Zodiaq Worktop with a downturn of 60-100mm in a limited range of colours.

Worktops are only available in straight runs, with a single bevel edge detail. Please contact our sales office for further details.