Curved Profiles

Apollo® Acrylic can be thermoformed into curves to match a range of profiles, giving a wonderful modernistic look. There are several standard formes available, with the option of a made to measure style of your choice.

In order to quote the cost of a curving, we will require accurate dimensions and drawings.

The height and radius plus the internal circumference measurements are required when proving a quotation.

A straightforward calculation is needed if, for example fitting as doors and the carcass follows a perfect curve. For irregular curves or shapes, the dimensions should be broken down into elements as in Figs. 2 and 3.

Careful measurement of the layout in Fig. 2 reveals that the carcass has two elements, a curve and a flat section, whereas the layout in Fig. 3 shows two flat sections and two opposing curves, always ensure any such detail is 100% accurate, otherwise doors may be manufactured incorrectly.

Curved Profile 1Curved Profile 2 Curved Profile 3Curved Profile 4