Don’t take our word for it, this is what our customers say:

Really pleased with work

Mr Ansell phoned to say that Charlie Goldsmith was absolutely brilliant with his installation and that he is really pleased with the work Charlie did, as he was really fed up with his old kitchen.

Mr Ansell
March 2016
Went over and above

Sheridan installer, Andy Walton, went over and above to ensure our installation was a success.

Mr Godber
March 2016
Beautiful Corian worktops

Thanks for beautiful Corian worktops and integrated sink, expert fitting by Keith Graham!

Nick Ross
March 2016
Knowledgeable and helpful

From start to finish, a very professional service from Chris Carr

Very happy with tempting and fitting my worktops

Team was knowledgeable and helpful

Would recommend.

Mrs Rock, Harlow
January 2016
Our thanks and gratitude

I just wanted to express our thanks and gratitude for what has turned out to be an entirely satisfactory project from beginning to end.

The Quartz was installed yesterday, by two guys who are a real credit to Sheridan (I didn’t get their names).  They arrived on time, they were cordial, yet professional, but above all, they were swift, competent and clearly expert in what they do.

The net result is that it all fitted perfectly (thanks in no small part to the expertise and aptitude of Lee Maguire, who did the Templating, which turned out to be most excellent), and it looks wonderful – exactly how we envisaged it, and wanted it to look.

Shame we can’t promise you any repeat business any time soon (this is the nature of your work, I guess, as Kitchens are of their nature, long term projects, repeat-wise), BUT what we can do is to spread the word about Sheridan and its very fine offering to people we come across who are in a position to consider your products / services.

Please believe me when I say that I am not usually disposed to writing ‘thanks email’ in such glowing terms, because most businesses one comes across are not worthy of this, in varying degrees.  Sheridan is an exception to this general rule, and this deserves to be both duly recognised and justly praised.

Do please pass this on to those within the organisation who are not known about / mentioned, who will have contributed to the overall result (such as the guys on the shop floor, who so cleverly and accurately interpreted the digital coordinates  / design into the final physical output), as well confirming to senior management at Sheridan, that at on this occasion, a very good team of people combined their input and skills into something which turned out to be as good as it could possibly be.

John Taverner and Barbara Allen
December 2015
Excellent work!

Excellent work by Mark Durbidge

very pleasant,

Thank you for a wonderful job!

Mrs U Koh
3rd November 2015