Silicone’s and Glues – 1st August FAQ’s

In this feature we will look at some of the most commonly asked questions among the hundreds of homeowners and trade customers whom we deal with on a weekly basis.

What silicone do you use?

We use low modulus silicone, suitable for indoor use. We use this between sections of Wood and Stone worktops to prevent any moisture or residue from being caught between, or falling between worktop sections.

My glue isn’t a colour match for my worktop!

While we supply a range of glues which are each recommended for specific styles of Apollo Slab Tech and Apollo Magna, these are not intended to be an exact colour match.

The reason for this, is that with a successful installation, the glues should never be visible on the top edge of the worksurface.

One of the common complaints we receive is that there is a visible line where two sections of Apollo Magna or Apollo Slab Tech meet. This only occurs when the two sections have not been properly clamped together during installation.

I’ve just had a worktop fitted, and there are small holes along the joins?

A similar complaint is that after installation, small bubbles or holes appear where the sections have been joined. This occurs when the worktop sections haven’t been properly tightened, and the glue has been essentially used to fill the gap rather than purely as an adhesive.

As the glue dries out and loses its’ natural moisture, the body of glue reduces in size, creating small holes or pores which are visible from the surface. These can occur both on joints, and where end-caps have not been properly affixed.

For more guidance of how to successfully join your Solid Surface worktop using the Apollo range of solid surface adhesives, Check out our Youtube Channel at

Slab Tech Installation Guide Youtube Link