Sheridan is now on BIMStore

The apollo range is now available on BIMStore! This exciting new development means that worksurfaces in the apollo range can now be imported directly into projects created in Autodesk Revit; the Uk’s leading software package for BIM powered projects.

What is included?

All current lines of suitable commercial materials have been included in the rollout, as Sheridan joins the likes of Corian, Silestone and Caesarstone who already have a technological footprint in this area.

These products are:-

  • apollo Magna – A highly affordable solid surface material, with 180 downturns
  • apollo Slab Tech – A full-bodied 20/30mm solid surface material
  • apollo Recycled Glass – The UK’s first Recycled Glass product sold on a commercial scale
  • apollo Quartz – Competitively priced Quartz worksurfaces with proven popularity in the retail sector
  • apollo Granite – The UK’s only Granite worksurface available in BIM format
  • apollo Ceramicá – A next-generation sintered stone with incredible performance
  • apollo Lab 20 – A chemically resistant solid surface material perfect for laboratory use
  • apollo Dentop – Hygienic, affordable and seamless solid surface solutions for dental practices

    What is BIM?

    BIM stands for Building information modelling. This technology has surged in adoption over the last decade, quickly rising to prevalence with over 70% of architects using the format last year. It is a system whereby each product contains the technical information required to compile and publish the overall specifications for a project as a whole, based on it’s component parts.

    BIM has risen in popularity in the construction sector for a number of reasons. In terms of legislation, BIM adoption has been a creeping requirement of construction firms and architects looking to secure public contracts. In the wider construction market, the benefits for procurement, just-in-time manufacture, and communication between involved parties have guaranteed increasing reliance on this methodology.

    How can I use Sheridan’s BIM objects?

    BIM objects can be downloaded directly from, or from underneath the Commercial header on our website.

    Once downloaded, assets can be dropped or imported directly into an Autodesk Revit project. For ease of use, each product (e.g apollo Quartz) contains the full range of colours currently available, which can then be selected within Autodesk Revit for an accurate, scaled representation of the material in a virtual rendered environment.

    Each product also contains parameters to include edge details and cutouts, giving users the same full spectrum of personalisation which is normally offered to the typical end user of Sheridan worksurfaces.

    What if I don’t use Autocad?

    If you’re interested in using Sheridan BIM objects on a different platform, please contact us! Please also get in touch if you are looking to use the textures only for renders, as we would love to get involved. Most of the current textures as found in the BIM files (<1MB full slabs) can be found on the Natural Products section of our website.