Quality Policy



Here at Sheridan (“we/us/our” – further details below under heading ‘Who is granting you this guarantee’) we’re committed to providing you with quality, state-of-the-art worktops at great prices. We realise that a new worktop is a significant investment so we put our money where our mouth is, and are delighted to offer you our healthy guarantee to ensure that you can continue to enjoy your new worktop for years to come on a huge range of products manufactured by us.

We’re sure you will understand that we cannot guarantee against every eventuality and forever, so our guarantee is strictly subject to certain terms and conditions set out below. Read them carefully as action or inaction on your part may invalidate our guarantee.

Our guarantee is only applicable in the UK and ROI and is subject to certain terms & conditions and exclusions. We do not, however, purport to limit your statutory rights in any way if you are a consumer.

Most of our worktops are made of natural materials which inevitably have natural inconsistencies – part of their appeal. The existence of any such natural inconsistencies (including veining, pot marks or fissures) in any worktop made of natural material is therefore not deemed to be a deportation from our responsibility to provide you with a fantastic product of satisfactory quality. Similarly, differences in the colour or thickness of any particular worktop shall not be treated as a breach of our guarantee or other statutory obligations.

Hold onto your receipt or proof of purchase as you will need it to claim under this guarantee.

What is covered

Our guarantee covers the material structure of Apollo Quartz, Apollo Slab Tech, Apollo Magna, Quicktops, Granite or Timber worktops manufactured and fabricated by us (each a “Worktop”) on the following terms  purchased by you against  material defects for the times set out adjacent to the respective Worktops below.

If you have had your Worktop fitted by a fitter approved by Sheridan (a “Sheridan Fitter”), then we also guarantee that the workmanship of the installation of the Worktops (the “Fitting”) shall be of satisfactory quality and reasonably fit for normal domestic use.

We will refund you or cover the following percentages of the cost of the materials and labour of the Worktops and Fitting as follows:

Years from purchase

% of value of Worktop (excluding granite & solid wood)

% of cost of remedial Fitting of all Worktops †













* including granite and solid wood worktops    †special conditions apply to Fitting of sinks(see below)

At our discretion, we will repair or replace in part or whole, or offer you the appropriate guarantee value in cash any Worktop which is covered by our guarantee if the claim under our guarantee is justified in our reasonable opinion. If a replacement Worktop is offered by us, but identical materials are no longer available, we reserve the right to replace the Worktop with the nearest equivalent.

Our guarantee is strictly subject to you notifying us before having any work undertaken to rectify the problem, so unfortunately any costs you incur in relation to such rectification will not be covered by us in any way.

What is not covered

Our guarantee does not cover defects or damage arsing in respect of:

  1. the repair or replacement of any third party components;
  2. the Fitting of sinks (including open flange under-mounted sinks) after 1 year;
  3. fair wear and tear;
  4. modification or misuse (e.g., cutting or direct heat on the Worktops);
  5. physical, chemical or mechanical abuse;
  6. unauthorised repair;
  7. natural colour differences, veining, pot marks and fissures;
  8. use other than for regular domestic purposes or a purpose which is not disclosed at the time of installation or outdoor use;
  9. failure to use the Worktop in accordance with any written instructions from us (including the Care and Maintenance Pack);
  10. moving parts or parts which are likely to perish over time (such as rubber seals around sinks);
  11. improper installation, site preparation or site maintenance by anyone other than a Sheridan Fitter;
  12. any non-Sheridan Worktop; or
  13. acts of God.

Other limitations

Neither we nor any of our third party suppliers make any warranty of any kind whether express or implied with respect to the Worktop or Fitting except as provided herein.

We shall not be liable in tort or contract for any direct, consequential, special or incidental losses or damages arising out of the use or inability to use the Worktops with the exception of death or personal injury arising from our negligence or as set out in our guarantee.

Who is granting you this guarantee?

As with most big companies, we have several different trading companies in our family. The company offering this limited warranty to you will depend on which of the Sheridan Group of companies supplied you with your Worktop – Sheridan Fabrications Ltd, Sheridan Granite & Marble Ltd or Sheridan Worksurfaces Ltd each of New Sheridan House, Don Pedro Avenue, Normanton Industrial Estate, Normanton, West Yorkshire WF6 1TD. This should be clear from the other product documentation you have been supplied with.

If at some stage in the future you have reason to claim under our guarantee and you did not take a note of which company is offering you our guarantee we will be able to tell you provided that you have a proof of purchase.

How to claim under our guarantee

In the unlikely event that you do need to claim under our guarantee, you must first contact the person or place you bought the Worktop from. If we deem the fault to be covered under our guarantee, we will contact you with a view to assessing the claim.