Solid Surface Adhesive 100ml

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Solid Surface Adhesive

This adhesive is available in 6 colours, to closely match or compliment installations of Apollo Slab Tech, Apollo Magna, Apollo Lab 20 and Apollo Dentop.

Apollo White – Used for Frost, Ice White, Polar White, Snowflake, Marmo Bianco & White Carrara

Cream – Used for Cream, Nordic, Pastel, Jesolo, Umbra & Crushed Cotton

Grey – Used for Coffee, Grey Shale, Wash, Scotia Fir, Storm, Satin Grey, Sea Mist, Marmo Crema, Marmo Mare Venato, Marmo Mare Gris & Marmo Sienna

Rhin – Used for Moon Rock & Kalahari,

Sepia – Used for Mocha Sparkle & Mocha

Black – Used for Black Star, Black Velvet & Imperial Black

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Apollo White, Cream, Grey, Rhin, Sepia, Black