Apollo Solid Surface Installation Kit

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This installation kit consists of specially selected tools to successfully install any surfaces from the Apollo Magna or Apollo Slab Tech Range.

Sanding & Finishing Discs

The kit includes sanding and polishing discs which can be used to create a factory finish on-site. The grits of these discs have been carefully chosen to gradually reduce in abrasion the the point where a smooth, consistent finish can be produced – a key factor in creating the seamless joints which our solid surfaces are prized for.

Heat Protection

The two included sheets of heat-resistant material and 5 metre roll of heat resistant tape are included to help you offer the best possible protection for your worktop, particularly when used with fitted hobs and ovens.

Apollo Care Products

This kit includes Apollo Stone Guard, our specially designed worksurface care product which helps to build up your solid surface worktops’ natural protective barrier against staining, supplied in a handy spray bottle. Apollo Cream Cleaner is a mildly abrasive cleaning and care product which further helps to refine the surface of your worktop to prevent the ingression of dirt, as well as remove more stubborn stains and build up a natural patina.


The Apollo Solid Surface Installation kit also includes a number of accessories to help you achieve perfect results:-

  • Fixings & fittings to secure the worktop in place
  • IPA cleaning wipe to ensure strong & consistent joints with no contamination
  • Microfibre cloth & Disposable rubber gloves for cleaning

For an up to date copy of our Solid Surface installation guide, please visit our Downloads page