Apollo Solid Surface Care & Maintenance Kit

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“This installation kit consists of specially selected accessories to successfully care for any surfaces from the Apollo Magna or Apollo Slab Tech Range.

Specialist Cleaning Products

This care & maintenance kit includes 500ml bottles of Apollo Stone Guard, our anti-bacterial, degreasing cleaning spray which is suitable for everyday use; and Apollo Cream Clean which has a particular level of abrasion which is exceptionally well suited to both restoring and protecting Solid Surface worktops from staining.

Sanding & Polishing

Solid Surfaces such as Apollo Magna and Apollo Slab Tech are made from a composite of minerals and plastics, which allows manufactured worktops to have seamless joints between sections. The material itself unlike stone composites such as Quartz can be easily sanded and refined to remove persistent stains and scratches.

This Care & Maintenance Kit includes a foam backed sanding pad, as well as three abrasive discs of decreasing coarseness. When used correctly, these tools can completely remove any blemishes from the surface material.


The Apollo Solid Surface Installation kit also includes a number of accessories to help you achieve perfect results:-

  • 1 x pair of disposable gloves to prevent exposure to the chemicals used in Apollo Cream Cleaner and Apollo Stone Guard
  • 1 x Lintless Microfibre cloth

For more information on caring for your Solid Surface worktop, please see our Care & Maintenance guide.”