Apollo Granite Care & Maintenance Kit

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Granite Worktop Care & Maintenance Kit
1 x Stone Seal 500ml
1 x Stone Guard Cleaner
1 x Pair of Blue Nitrile Gloves
1 x Micro Fibre Cloth
1 x Instruction Leaflet

A necessity for every Granite worksurface. It includes everything you need to keep your worksurface in first class condition, simply follow the instructions for a trouble free, good looking worktop.

Stone Guard – An anti-bactericidal surface cleaner specially formulated to tackle grease and grime leaving surfaces sparkling clean with a residual antibacterial effect.

Stone Seal – formulated for protection of granite worktops. Protects against stains caused by food and drinks such as coffee and tea (etc). One application will guarantee protection for long periods of time (subject to proper maintenance).

Although one of the least absorbent stones, Granite can be stained by grease, wine, coffee, sweet and sour, nicotine, fruit juices, even champagne!

Any spillage must be removed immediately from a Granite worksurface, delay could cause permanent damage.

Granite worksurfaces are sealed prior to despatch and upon installation, then every 6 months using the care & maintenance kit.

Worktops should be re-sealed periodically, to prevent damage occurring. This is especially necessary in high traffic areas.

Please read the instructions thoroughly before commencing installation. Ensure that you read, understand and follow Health & Safety Guidelines carefully.

Comprehensive video clips demonstrating installation are available at www.apolloworktops.com

If you encounter any difficulty during installation please contact your local distributor for assistance.

For more information on how to care for your Granite worktop, please see our Care & Maintenance Guide.

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