Solid Surface Repairs

Solid surface worktops are a man-made material, comprised of various minerals to produce surfaces which are consistent, strong and completely non-porous.

Because of their composition, they have a distinct advantage over stone and wood worktops, in that sections can be easily repaired by sanding, or replacing sections entirely.

Why would I need to have my worktop repaired?

While solid surface worktops such as Magna, Corian & Slab Tech are highly suitable to most domestic use, they are not impervious to damage. Some key hazards to avoid are:-

  • Direct heat exposure (hot pans etc)
  • Thermal shock (i.e forcing the worktop to reconcile hot & cold temperatures)
  • Excessive impact
  • Abrasions and lacerations

    A piece of Corian which has become cracked through impact

    What options do I have for minor repairs?

    Most issues with solid surfaces can be restored through basic sanding. This may include the most stubborn of stains, knife cuts to the surface & other minor damages.

    Using abrasive sanding pads of decreasing coarseness in large, smooth motions can reduce the top surface of your worktop, exposing the clean, undamaged surface below. This can be done because solid surface materials are Full Bodied – this means that they will maintain the same pattern on the top surface, as they would do 1mm deep, 2mm deep, and so forth.

    What options do I have for major repairs?

    Major repairs may include cracks, chips, or serious heat damage. These cannot be sanded away, but can instead be repaired by using Solid Surface’s unique capacity for seamless joins.

    A qualified installer can cut out the offending section, and replace this with a new piece. This can be effectively invisible if done correctly.

    The same piece of Corian, now repaired by inserting a section of identical material.

    Why do I need to know this?

    It’s worth mentioning that Veined surfaces will not benefit from seamless repairs of more serious worktop damage. While block colours and small-chipped designs can blend in, the same cannot be said for the more unpredictable veined styles as found in Magna, Slab Tech and Corian.