Apollo Magna is a 6mm solid, through coloured, resin filled material derived from natural minerals. Some colours will have random veining and swirls of toning and contrasting colours to have the “look” of Granite, however the base colour remains consistent from the same batch.
All veined Magna joints are seamless but will be more noticeable than with the other colours, the veining will create areas of contrasting colour and veining where the material is cut. The end result will have a similar appearance to the joints achieved with natural Granite but with the advantage of being seamless and therefore being very easy to keep clean and safe.

  • Apollo Magna is a non porous, Food Safe material and naturally resistant to mould, bacteria and mildew
  • Joints are seamless and inconspicuous which allows for expansive stretches of worktops with unobtrusive joints.
  • Accidental damage can be repaired and the surfaces restored to their original finish.
  • Design opportunities with Apollo Magna are virtually limitless and enhanced with the option of seamless solid surface sink installations
  • Dark colours will show scratches and ordinary wear and tear more than light colours.
  • Apollo Magna is stain resistant not stain or scratch proof but most permanent stains or scratches can be buffed away. It is not as heat resistant as Stone worktops.
  • Apollo Magna has a semi matt surface finish rather than the high gloss finish normally seen on Stone work surfaces.