Full size piece

Thunder White

What’s Granite? Granite is a natural substance, formed from slowly cooling magma subjected to extreme pressures deep beneath the earth’s surface. Pitting and veining is natural and will occur in a random distribution of swirls, in addition, variations in shade or areas of contrast are all common within Granite. Occasionally this can be quite dramatic in both veining and base colour.

  • Colour Variation

    Veined Granite worktops can include random colour variations as shown here.

  • Colour Spots

    Random ‘spots’ of colour in natural worktops are common, are not a flaw but inherent in a natural product.

  • Pattern Direction Changes

    Its not uncommon for veining in Granite worktops to change direction from horizontal to vertical, this can be present within one worktop or within the installation.


  • L Joint
  • Straight Joint
  • Butt Joint