Features Summary

Granite is a natural substance, formed from slowly cooling volcanic magma subjected to extreme pressures deep beneath the earths surface. As it cools it becomes crystalline giving it a natural reflectivity and clarity of colour, pitting and veining in the polished surfaces is natural and will occur in a random distribution of swirls and changes in gloss levels and surface reflections.

In addition, variations in shade or areas of contrast are all common within Granite, occasionally this can be quite dramatic in both veining, crystaline colour groups and base colour, within each worktop and between worktops in a kitchen.

Benefits & considerations of Granite Worktops

  • Timeless beauty, ageless and contemporary
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • 30mm thickness, 20mm upstands
  • Every scant is unique, no two pieces are the same
  • Drainer grooves are duller
  • Stain resistant
  • Visible joints
  • Joints may mean veins not continuous
  • One of the hardest natural stones on earth however, scratches are permanent can non repairable