Natural Products: Ceramicá

Apollo Ceramicá is a sintered stone, engineered for extreme resistance and maximum mineral purity.

Recently revitalized with a fresh selection of colours, the New Apollo Ceramicá range has transitioned to include bold new veining and a fresh, modern, satin finish.

Detailed below, is an overview of relevant considerations when choosing Apollo Ceramicá.

Properties of Apollo Ceramicá Worktops

Homogenous Edging

Apollo Ceramicá has a decorative surface which does not continue to the edge profile. This means that veining will not be present in front edges, drainer grooves, and undermounted sink cutouts.

Joint Locations

Please plan accordingly, joints should never fall on, or within 50mm of sink or hob cutouts. Joints above appliances are acceptable provided front and back support rails are fitted. Where a Bullnose or Sharks nose edge detail is requested, a scribed joint will be required at additional cost.

Colour Purity

Colours within the Apollo Ceramicá range are tightly quality controlled, yet still produced using natural minerals. Negligible inclusions or flecks may still be present, but these are considered within tolerance if not visible from a viewing distance of 1 meter.

Finish / Texture

Apollo Ceramicá comes in a smooth, Satin finish. While incredibly resistant to scratching, care should be taken with high-end knives. Scratches cannot be removed by sanding or buffing as with some other materials. The underside is unfinished and should not typically be left exposed. In the case of exposed overhangs, please specify for the underside to be polished during your request for quotation.

Slab Size Limitations

Slab sizes in Ceramicá are 3200mm x 1600mm. This may mean that some designs require linear jointing for both surfaces and upstands. Corners will typically involve 2 sections to prevent the risk of breakage in transport. Ease of installation may be considered when deciding upon joints in your design.

Corners & Material Cost

Designs which include non-right angled corners may incur additional material cost, due to the wastage of material. Where worktops with irregular shaping need to be produced, the cost is calculated based on the long edge.

pictured: Apollo Ceramicá – Statuario Satin, L-Joint, Sample Examples & Edging

Colour Galleries

Grigio Satin

  • Statuario Satin Slab
  • Statuario Satin Straight Joint Example
  • Statuario Satin L Joint Exxample
  • Statuario Satin Sample

Grigio Satin

Statuario Satin

  • Statuario Satin Full Slab
  • Statuario Satin L Joint Example
  • Statuario Satin Straight Joint Example
  • Statuario Satin Sample

Statuario Satin

Note: for Pre-June 2021 colours, please visit the link below