Modular Worktops

What are Modular worktops?

Modular design is based on breaking an idea into smaller parts. In worktop form, we refer to a set number of easily workable pieces (or modules), that can be used to recreate kitchen designs in any level of complexity.


What are the options?

We supply three apollo® worktop brands, and a number of sink options.

  • Our 20 or 30mm Solid Surface Material
  • Full bodied, capable of seamless joins
  • Ideal for machining curves and shaping on-site
  • Stunning range of clean, quartz-style and marbled colours


  • Highly affordable Corian alternative
  • Capable of seamless joins
  • Features a unique 180° Downturn of solid surface material.
  • 38mm Worksurface using just 12mm of material


  • A classic selection of timeless wood worktops
  • Feature cuts available in Butchers Block and Full Stave
  • Perfect compliment material to contrast with Solid Surface
  • Available in 27, 40 & 60mm thicknesses.



How does it work?

The methods will vary based on material, but typically you can expect a similar experience with any modular apollo products

Step 1: Planning

All modular worksurface materials are workable on site, which means that great results can still be obtained without Sheridan’s laser-accurate templating team. Regardless, preparation is still important to minimise wastage, and maximise the life of your product.

You should start by familiarising yourself with the relevant installation guide. This booklet (available in digital format via the page links above) contains important information on planning your layout; including guidance on what kind of support your worktop needs to prevent bowing and warping over time.

Pictured: Apollo Slab Tech – Snowflake. Heat resistant tape (included in the installation kit) is needed for hob cutouts. Also consider how the walls will be finished. Scribing against the back wall is recommended for a flush fit. Upstands, Splashbacks or Tiles can also hide any gaps.

You should also review the information provided on the Natural Products section of our website with your customer. This microsite shows full slab images, and helps to set expectations of the finished installation.

Step 2: Selecting your Modules

Module dimensions and availability vary between materials. The below table gives an overview of availability of each common section through the self-fit apollo® range.

Some considerations at this stage:-

  • Will additional joints be required for worktops which exceed the maximum length?
  • If a modular sink is included, does the plan consider the sink position within the top?
  • Are edging strips required? How much adhesive is required? (One pack typically covers two joints)
  • How will the material be stored prior to installation?

Step 3: Installation

Once your modules have arrived and the plan is set, it’s time to install the new worksurface. The installation kit should contain all you need to follow the installation guide, as well as a description of the tools required to complete the job.

For Solid Surface (Magna & Slab Tech) installations with joints, you will also need to purchase the appropriate colour-coordinated worksurface adhesive. Our Youtube channel also has complete video installation guides for these materials to help visualise the process.


Step 4: Aftercare

Each installation kit comes complete with a care and maintenance guide, and coordinating products to clean and maintain the new worksurfaces.

Solid surfaces are produced in batches. You should encourage the end-user to retain any offcuts, so that these can be used if repairs are needed in future.