Environmental Policy

The following objectives apply to the design, manufacture, supply and installation of surface products by Sheridan Fabrications Ltd. It provides the direction for how the company addresses its environmental responsibilities. This includes:

Compliance with legal and other requirements relevant to our operations which could have an impact on the environment by maintaining effective controls including…

  • Regular review of legal requirements to ensure compliance
  • Formal waste management controls and record keeping
  • Adherence with fire precautions and other related site management measures
  • Compliance with requirements agreed with our customers including the control and monitoring of our own suppliers significant environmental aspects

Waste recovery, reducing the consumption of excess materials through…

  • Evaluating the potential for recycling/re-use initiatives.
  • Maximising product design & manufacture to reduce waste.

Continually improve environmental performance through the operation of an environmental management system to comply with the requirements of ISO14001, including…

  • Identification and clear defined actions to achieve environmental KPI’s.
  • Establishment of a formal environmental management programme
  • Regular monitoring and review of performance & management arrangements through the Environmental Management Review (EMR) meeting.

Promotion of environmental responsibility to all relevant persons associated with our activities, products and services by…

  • Defining responsibilities at all operational levels.
  • Assessing and addressing the needs for adequate information, instruction & training
  • Providing induction and necessary briefings to employees, contractors and visitors.
  • Working with our suppliers to encourage sustainable operations addressing all significant aspects of their activities.

Promoting more environmentally acceptable processes & materials by
Forest Stewardship Council® Certification
All Sheridan 60mm wood worktops are certified by the FSC®




Look for the FSC® logo to identify which items are available FSC® certified.