Sheridan Photo Competition

To Celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we’re offering customers with Sheridan Worktops installed the chance to win the latest home smart assistant for their kitchen. All you have to do is take a photograph of your kitchen, and submit your photos via the form below. 3 runners up will also be gifted a solid beech chopping board, and finalists will be judged on social media by our followers. Good luck!

    Used solely for contacting successful entrants

    Please include your worktop colour and material.

    Terms and Conditions
    The Sheridan Photo Competition will run from 1st March 2021 to 31st August 2021. By entering, you agree that Sheridan has the rights to
    contact you if you are successful, and will receive the right to freely use any imagery provided to promote its’ products and services.
    Sheridan reserves the right to extend the photography competition up to no later than the 30th November 2021. Images will primarily be
    judged by Sheridan Employees, and finalists may also be judged on Social Media. Employees of Sheridan, and friends or relatives of
    Sheridan Employees are disqualified from prize awards, although images may still be retained. Sheridan reserves the right to withdraw
    this promotion if fewer than 25 entries total are received.