Changes to the Corian range – 12 new products!

Artista Canvas

October 2021 has brought some significant changes to the Corian line of products. Most of the range has been affected in some way as the supplier has transitioned from a lettered (A-G) to a more simplified numbered price banding system.

the changes have seen the complete eradication of what were bands C and F of the range, with many products migrating in both directions. As expected, many of Corian’s premium finishes have stayed in the highest collection in Band 4, but several colours introduced over recent years have also seen price cuts.

All in all, there have been 12 new colours added to the range.


New Corian Colours


Artista Canvas & Artista Gray are two strong contenders, each a new veined colour which has entered the line surprisingly in only band 2. This bucks the trend Corian followed last year of top-loading new styles into the most expensive bands, such as Salt, which has since moved from Band G to Band 2.

Sparkling Granita seems to be a replacement of the Band G “Whitecap”, which has since been discontinued. Very similar in appearance, this new colour enters in at Band 3.

Ash Aggregate, Carbon Aggregate & Weathered Aggregate have joined Neutral aggregate which launched last year. Similarly, the Terrazzo range has been enhanced with Basalt Terrazzo. In the Prima range (Windswept & Limestone were 2019’s new colours) we have Cocoa Prima & Evening Prima.

Other brand new colours are two veined Carrara colours in Carrara Lino & Carrara Prima; plus the brand new Sand Storm.



New Corian Price Banding 2021

Band 0

Glacier White

Band 1

Vanilla, Silver Grey, Seagrass, Bisque, Bone, Cameo White, Designer White, Elegant Grey, Light Ash, Pearl Grey

Band 2

Artista Canvas≈, Artista Gray≈, Aurora, Dove, Everest, Imperial Yellow, Linen, Raffia, Salt, Silt, Sparkling White, Venaro White≈, White Jasmine

Band 3

Abalone, Antarctica, Arctic Ice, Aspen, Deep Black Quartz, Deep Night Sky, Matterhorn, Neutral Concrete≈, Platinum, Rain Cloud, Sahara, Sand Storm, Sandalwood, Savannah, Silver Birch, Sparkling Granity, Willow

Band 4

Arrowroot≈, Ash Aggregate≈, Basalt Terrazzo, Carbon Aggregate≈, Carrara Crema≈, Carrara Lino≈, Clam Shell≈, Cocoa Prima≈, Domino Terrazzo, Dune Prima≈, Evening Prima≈, Golden Onyx≈, Gray Onyx≈, Hazelnut≈, Jade Onyx≈, Juniper, Lava Rock≈, Limestone Prima≈, Neutral Aggregate≈, Nimbus Prima≈, Pebble Terrazzo, Rosemary≈, Sagebrush≈, Weathered Aggregate≈, White Onyx≈, Witch Hazel≈



To view the full and updated range of Corian colours, please visit the Corian page of our Website.