Apollo Compact Worktops

Apollo Compact Golden Campino & Piazza

About Apollo Compact

Apollo Compact represents the next generation in modern worktop solutions. A slimline alternative to older, and more cumbersome worktops, the new Apollo Compact range is highly durable, high performing, and has excellent tensile strength and resistant properties. With surfaces at just 12.5mm thick, Apollo Compact has been designed to be hard-wearing, easy to install, and capable of producing ultramodern designs with both horizontal and vertical applications.

  • Cost effective, our most affordable product yet

  • Hygienic & Non-porous

  • Heat resistance guaranteed to 220°C for 10 minutes

  • Highly resistant to stains & chemicals

  • Easy to transport & install

  • Available in modular blanks

  • 10 Year limited manufacturers warranty

Two Introductory Styles, with 3 more available in March 2019

Golden Campino

Golden Campino delivers a subtle and shifting palette of warm and unsaturated bronze midtones to deliver a complex and distinguished ultramodern backdrop.


Piazza delivers a finish close to nature, imitating the colours and gradients of Silver Birch. This stylish finish is the ideal compliment to any modern design.

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    Price comparison of Apollo Compact to other leading worktops

    worktop price comparison

    Although Apollo Compact will be joining our range of products at an entry level, the features and aesthetics offered by this material are comparable to those of some of our premium surfaces. Priced between extreme budget laminated chipboards and our patented Apollo Magna range, Apollo Compact presents a new opportunity for buyers in the economical segment to benefit from the durability, heat resistance & style aesthetics of a much more premium product.

    Characteristics of Apollo Compact

    Apollo Compact is made from a durable solid grade laminate composite. This grants it excellent strength, density and resilience to impact & staining.The core of Apollo Compact is solid black throughout; and despite it's low price point, there are no weaker, recessed or padded sections. Each unit is of consistent density and appearance throughout, making this an exceptionally versatile worktop during installation.

    Ideal for mobile kitchen installers, the slim profile of Apollo Compact and slight flex to the material ensures that worktops are resistant to breakages during transportation, and can easily be transported in bulk. Worktops can be ordered from Sheridan in standardised modular blanks, including 3m Worktops, Breakfast Bars, Splashbacks and Upstands. For more information on Modular Blank dimensions, please view our product page here.

    Efficient & Versatile

    Apollo Compact is unique among economically priced worktops it's versatility in on-site installations. At an accessible 12.5mm thickness, measured lengths and cut-outs can be engineered on-site, without the need for prior templating. The consistent black core grants all the shaping freedoms of engineered stone, allowing for corners and curves to be manufactured during installation without the need for edging strips or specialist equipment, ensuring a professional finish and a perfect fit every time.

    Find out more?

    For queries and samples, please contact our sales team on 0345 6182800, by email at sales@sheridan-uk.com, or by using the contact form at the top of this page.