Repair & Rejuvenation Service

We collaborate with repair specialists to offer a range of treatments which can restore surfaces back to their prime.

We deliver a range of treatments for worktops which no longer quite have that ‘brand new’ appeal. By collaborating with repair specialists, we can attend and remedy most instances of damage or surface imperfections.

Solid Surface and Timber Restoration

Solid Surface and Timber worktops lack the raw material toughness of natural and engineered stone. This means over time, they are more likely to suffer minor scratches and abrasions; which in turn increase the likelihood of staining.

Fortunately, what these worktops lack in toughness, they make up for in versatility. In most cases we can refinish the surface to a factory-standard. This technique can not only remove some tough surface staining, but will also improve the materials’ natural resistance to staining, by eliminating the micro-lacerations which can trap dirt and grime.

Worktop Repairs for Chips & Cracks

For more serious eventualities, we have a range of methods which we can deploy to create seamless and unobtrusive repairs.

Solid surface worktops, particularly those with relatively homogeneous designs, can usually be sanded and buffed back to a factory finish. For more serious cracks and splits in the material; we can often transplant matching material with near invisible joints.

Granite & Quartz surfaces are typically much more resilient to minor damage, but they can still be susceptible to chipping if hit with sufficient blunt force.

Sheridan makes use of the very latest techniques and equipment available to rectify material chipping; both on the top face and along the edging of worktops. Working closely with trade experts, we use colour-matched resin based fillers to ensure our repairs are long-lasting, and highly inconspicuous.

Material Aftercare Service Description Cost
Solid Surface Repair to crack, or surface damage £400
Solid Surface Replace sink (Labour Only) £400
Solid Surface Clean, sand & refinish £350
Wood Repair to surface damage £350
Wood Clean, Sand & Refinish £350
Quartz Repair to small top-face surface damage £250
Quartz Repair to edge profile or cutout £350
Granite Repair to small top-face surface damage £250
Granite Repair to edge profile or cutout £350
Granite Clean & Re-seal £125
Undermount Sinks Clean & Re-seal £125
Upstands Clean out & replace silicone in worktop to upstand joints £125