2022 Changes to Silestone Range

Silestone new logo 2021

Cosentino have recently undertaken significant changes to their Silestone range of Quartz worksurfaces. Last year saw some well received price band simplifications which saw the removal of their contentious “band 3.5”, as well as a facelift on the Silestone logo; which now has a much more sleek and modern form.

As we enter 2022, Silestone have also introduced some changes to their product range, with 17 colours discontinued, and 10 new entrants.

Removals include Blanco City, Noka, Rougui, Ironbark, Niebla, Blanco River, Blanco Capri, Merope, Silken Pearl, Tigris Sand, Bamboo, Iconic Black, Lyra, Unsui, Classic Calacatta, Eternal Emperador and Blanco Calacatta.

Minor changes have also been made to Stellar Negro and Negro Tebas, which are now called Stellar Night and Night Tebas respectively.

The new colours introduced can be seen in the gallery below:-

Ethereal Glow
Cala Blue
Arcilla Red
Posidonia Green
Cincel Grey
Faro White
Ethereal Haze
Ethereal Dusk
Ethereal Noctis
Ethereal Glow
Band 6

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