2018 Year in Review

2018 has been another strong year for our company, with a few big changes and many more in the pipeline. In this feature we will be taking a look at the past 12 months and what the future will bring for Sheridan and our customers.


Nominated for Installer of the Year

In October this year we were nominated as a candidate for installer of the year thanks to the fantastic work put in each and every day by our network of templaters and installers across the UK. This was the third annual awards ceremony held by BIKBBI (the British Institute of KBB Installers) and a winner was chosen at their awards ceremony earlier this month. We are happy to have been considered and will continue to push standards for a win in the future.


Trust & Service Improvements

After a humbling spate of reviews up to May this year, we have since refocused and concentrated on improving our service at every stage of the customer journey. Averaging 8.8/10 since then, with a score of 7.8 overall, we still have some way to go, but the recent feedback from our customers speaks for itself and, we hope, will serve as a testament to our commitment to quality

Sheridan TrustPilot

New Product Releases

After strong retail performance over the last few years, we have been in an ideal position this year to reinvest into new technologies, which is why we have brought not just one but three new products to market from our Apollo range of affordable luxury surfaces.

Apollo Compact

Apollo Compact joins our lines as our most affordable luxury worktop ever, neatly targeting the budget sector with a slimline, high quality alternative to chipboard laminates. As can be seen from the search trends below, as budgets tightened after the 2008 economic crisis, demand for high quality Granite worktops took a plunge, while affordable options continued to rise unaffected. Over the past 12 months, Laminates in fact overtook Granite for the first prolonged period on record, and have continued to rise at the expense of other luxury worktops. We feel this information is key to the rise of high quality laminate surfaces, and we will be expanding our initial selection of 2 styles to a range of 5 by February 2019. You can find out more about Apollo Compact here.

source : Google Trends

Apollo Recycled Glass

Our second new luxury worktop style is a format we have been perfecting for some time, Apollo Recycled Glass. Challenging because of the brittle nature of glass and complex manufacture, but worthwhile because of the unique translucent aesthetic which is utterly inimitable by any other variety of worktop. Apollo Recycled Glass is comprised 70% of powdered glass and glass chips, 20% of powdered quartz, and the remainder a mixture of binding agents and pigments. The result is a surface which must be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated, which has similar mechanical qualities to Quartz. Find out more here.

Apollo Ceramicá

Apollo Ceramicá joins the Apollo range as a high-end premium product. A man-made stone which is engineered to perfection, this premium material has been created from 100% natural products, fused together at extreme temperatures and pressures in the same way as Granite, but with controlled laboratory conditions. Apollo Ceramicá boasts extraordinary strength, durability and resistant properties and comes in a range of natural and executive marbled finishes perfect for adding a touch of elegance without appearing ostentatious. More about Apollo Ceramicá can be found here.

Web Development & Social Engagement

You may have noticed a few changes to our social media accounts and website as we have brought more of this in-house, and will be continuing to use digital platforms to drive mutual growth with our B2B customers. Part of this includes out Commercial page where we have already started adding in backlinks to deliver mutual ranking boosts to our affiliated suppliers and retailers. To join in with this initiative, contact our webmaster.

We will also be making it easier to purchase care & maintenance kits, and installation equipment through the introduction of an online store in early 2019, as well as continuing to work to make our content more user friendly, relevant & accessible. Please feel free to get in touch if you find that any of our product pages don’t quite give you the answers you visited for.

Stay tuned for the next update on the Sheridan Blog, where over the next year, we’ll be writing more regular features on a much wider selection of industry and design trends to offer the same market leading expertise online as we have offline since we started in the industry back in 1996.