Lab20® Technical Specifications

Table 1. List 1 (Test duration 16 hours)
Property Effect Property Effect Property Effect
Acetone None Lead Acetate None Sodium Bicarbonate None
Primary Alcohol None Lead Nitrate None Sodium Hydroxide* None
Secondary Alcohol None Lipstick Superficial Sodium Nitrate None
Tertiary Alcohol None Magnesium Carbonate None Sodium Sulphate None
Aluminium Sulphate None Magnesium Chloride None Soil Superficial
Amino Acetic Acid None Magnesium Sulphate None Soot Superficial
Ammonia None Mercury None Std Acetate Solvents None
Animal Fats None Menthol None Starch None
Benzene None Milk None Styrene None
Blood None Milk Sugar None Sulphur None
Caffeine None Mineral Oils None Talcum None
Calcium Carbonate None Mineral Salts None Tannin None
Calcium Chloride None Nail Polish Considerable Tea None
Calcium Hydroxide None Nail Polish remover None Toluene None
Calcium Nitrate None Nickel Sulphate None Urine† None
Cholesterol None Paraffin None Vaseline None
Chloroform Considerable Paraffin Oil None Vinegar None
Citric Acid None Petrol None Water None
Coffee None Potassium Aluminium Sulphate None Yeast None
Detergents None Potassium Bromide None
Ethanol None Potassium Carbonate None
Ether None Potassium Chloride None
Formaldehyde None Potassium Hexacyanoferrate None
Gelatine None Potassium Hydroxide None Table 2.List T (Test duration 15 minutes)
Glucose None Potassium Nitrate None Property Effect
Hydrogen Peroxide 3% None Potassium Sulphate None Phosphoric Acid * None
Ink Superficial Soap None Potassium Hydroxide* None
Ketones None Sodium Acetate None Silver Nitrate None
Lactic Acid None Sodium Carbonate None Sodium Hydroxide None
Lactose None Sodium Chloride None Sulphuric Acid* None

* In concentrations of up to 10% † No definitive formula for urine depends on diet, health fluid intake etc. solution tested = Urea 10g/1000ml & Sodium Chloride 10g/1000ml

Expression of results

No Effect

No change visible at the first examination.

Superficial Effect

Stains or surface attack observed, but removed by mild abrasive cleaning and not visible at the final examination.

Considerable Effect

Stain or surface attack not removed by mild abrasive cleaning.


A Considerable effect was caused by nail polish and chloroform.

The stain or surface attack could not be removed by mild abrasive cleaning.