Dekton Worktops

Dekton Worktops

Dekton is our most premium product, a highly resistant and durable surface developed by Consetino, the makers of Silestone. Hygienic, incredibly durable, long-lasting and with consistent colour, the Dekton range of worktops is extremely high quality and highly qualified to deal with the rigours of professional applications, while delivering an aesthetically pleasing satin finish.

Dekton Style Catalogue

Dekton Band 1

Dekton Band 2

Dekton Band 3

Dekton Band 4

* Solid Collection

± Natural collection

Tech collection

About Dekton Worktops

A completely new and innovative category of surfaces, developed after massive investment in both research and development by the Cosentino Group.
Dekton can be used both indoors and outdoors due to its resistance to UV rays and large formats, which also makes it easy to install.
The product is a sophisticated blend of raw materials that are found in glass, porcelain and quartz. manufactured with TSP (Technology of Sintered Particles) developed by Cosentino’s research and development team, offering an accelerated version of high temperature and pressures to produce a product that will last a lifetime.

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