Technical Specifications

With a luxuriously smooth, poreless surface, Apollo® Acrylic is hygienic, easy to clean and has a feel of permanence. Totally resistant to stains, moisture and UV light, Apollo® Acrylic will never fade or loose their high gloss finishes, due to the solid colour throughout.

Apollo® Acrylic is a solid, homogenous material which is waterproof throughout and is resistant to humidity. Apollo® Acrylic is hardwearing, durable and easy to maintain, offering superior quality compared to the alternative materials available on the market.

Immaculately crafted to exacting standards, Apollo® Acrylic has been rigorously tested to FIRA’s stringent standards and finishing performance.

Please note that darker colours will show scratches, dust and wear and tear more readily than light colours.
Tolerance in Apollo® Acrylic is ±2mm